Reader Reviews

“The tone of the writing reminded me so much of Interview With A Vampire but went in a completely different direction. The author was able to make vampires fresh again which is high praise indeed.”

“Loved this book, to me it read like a great movie with characters that drew me into their lives and was visualizing their entire landscape. Inserting a child into a vampiric cityscape along with the sterile hospital was a dichotomy I enjoyed. Innocence transitioning into corruption at the hands of people who love you is always part of growing up and learning what life is all about. What I enjoyed most about this novel is at the end of each chapter, I wanted to keep reading and that’s when I know the author has done his job. I cried the last 23 pages of the book and I didn’t want it to end. I can not wait for Robert’s next novel.”

“This is a real vampire story. No glitter, no YA emo love triangle, just vampires, undead hunting, moral ambiguity, and riveting drama.”

“I haven’t enjoyed a vampire novel since Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire. In my opinion everything after was crap. I stopped reading anything to do with vampires, because it was all the same stupid junk.
When I read what this book was about I was too curious to dismiss it. The whole concept this author made was so different. I really enjoyed this book, and I found myself at the end feeling like YEEEEEEEEEEES! This ended right, and I can’t wait to read the next installment!”